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Possible to use ScreenPad Plus on Zenbook Duo as a drawing tablet for Photoshop?

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I just got my ZenBook Duo UX582 and was under the impression I could set up the ScreenPad Plus as a drawing tablet for Photoshop, the way a Wacom works, but it seems like I have to drag the photoshop window down tot he screenpad and work on it all there. I am used to my Wacom tablet that is not a screen tablet and an old fashioned drawing tablet. Is there something I am missing? I just want the ScreenPad to be a dumb drawing tablet and not "draw on the image" down there as the brightness is not as good as the main laptop screen. I want to use the pen on the ScreenPad and have the image be on the main screen.

Help computer.

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There's the possibility to disable the special Photoshop table that appears when you open Photoshop, and then use the screenpad in touchpad mode. Never tried it but I think that this is what you're looking for.
See this video from Asus:

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I can get the touchpad up, but using the pen doesn't do anything in Photoshop. With a Wacom tablet and pen, you can use the pen as a mouse, but it doesn't seem to be possible with the Zenbook Duo unless I a missing something. This is MASSIVELY disappointing as I wanted to be able to travel without dragging a Wacom along. Does Asus really think people want to draw on a vertical screen?????

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Hello Brady,
I'm sorry that the screenpad plus is not designed to be used as a professional graphics tablet.
It's more like a second touch screen for you to extend the main screen.
Thank you.

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That's really sad. Why include a pen with the laptop if the screenpad is useless for drawing???? I'm sure tons of people would love a simple app that converts the screenpad to a drawing tablet. That seems like a simple thing you could do that would really expand the artistic capabilities of this laptop.