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Photoshop Elements 2024

Star I

I have an issue with Photoshop Elements and my Asus Laptop M1505Y. I simply cannot get into PS editor. I have spoken to Adobe and they say it is because my computer is not updated. I have updated what I can on line but it still does not work. Can someone help?



Are you unable to open Photoshop Elements, or can you open the application but certain functions (PS editor) are not working?
If that's the case, since the software is not provided by us, we recommend contacting the software vendor to identify where the issue lies. 
We can only suggest trying to uninstall the application and reinstalling it for verification.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

OK finally worked out how to reply to you. I have been in touch with Adobe to see what the problem is but the suspicion in still on the graphics. I now have a case number from Adobe and they say they will revert within 24hrs. So at present nothing need BUT I may revert if the spotlight falls back on Asus.


Bill Hall

Thank you for your message update and response.


OK I have following from Adobe which I hop makes sense to you:-

"If the GPU is enabled, Elements Organizer doesnt work
If its disabled, Organizer work fine but a tool in Photo Editing program doesnt work as it needs to have GPU enabled."

The tech from Adobe has asked me to contact Asus & get the latest version of GPU driver clean installed. Can you do this one my computer remotely?


Many thanks Bill Hall

PS this was sent about a week ago on the first time I contacted Adobe.