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My laptop won't wake from hibernation mode

Star I
Model: UX461A
Description: My laptop won't wake from hibernation mode
Battery or AC: AC
System: Windows 10
Reset OS: Yes
Frequency of Occurrence: Always

Last edited by imed_ch on 2019/9/12 07:37 Hi. After windows 10 update, power button is not allowing PC start. Screen is stuck with Asus logo only. I reset my computer to factory status (while I kept my personal files). Same problem/ Even when I shut laptop down completely, it won't restart. I have to keep the power button pushed for 15 seconds to restart.

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its complete problems in windows 10 os. I would recommend you to do clean installation use professional or enterprise

Community Legend II
Hello imed_ch, Please refer to below FAQ Please also double check if your BIOS is up to date. Thank you for messaging us.