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Microsoft App Store Really ???

Star I
Could You keep Your drivers on Your Site ???
Microsoft Store IS SHIT !!!
I don't have it installed on my pc because of security reasons
I want to download Audio wizard app for my laptop and all i got is link to go to ms app store.
Very Stupid Idea.
You selling something You keep drivers on Your site. Simple and clear.
Second sollution for You so you dont have think too much Give an option to use the store
Thank You


Star III

one more thing is it possible to get audio through usb c port i have usb c earphones which works fine with smartphone i was wondering if i can make it work with laptop

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Do you see headphones in the device manager after connecting?
What kind of sound does the OS make when headphones are connected?
Do headphones appear in the list of audio output devices? If so, try switching to them.

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It is funny thing i bought usb c to jack adapter and it is working, but why it does not wok without it?
When i plug headphones direct through usb c it does not see headphones anywhere /device manager too/ and it does not make any sound.
Is it possible to connect usb c headphones directly without adapter or not ?

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