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Mic and sound goes off on all video calls

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System: Windows 11
Battery or AC: Both
Model: Asus Zenbook flip S-13 Oled (UX 371, 11th Generation)
Frequency of occurrence: everytime
Reset OS: done a couple of times
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:I am having a problem with my new laptop while using zoom and all online video calls like teams and google meet too.
1Have shared a screenshot of zoom.
The moment I switch zoom on it asks me to remove noise cancellation of mic and speaker which also I follow every time. Still, after trying repeatedly at times speaker and mic works, and again in a few minutes the same notification appears and my mic goes off.
i have tried reinstalling all drivers and window again but all in vain
I have tried an extensive search but have not found any video or support for this online

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Hi there,
This issue happen after you updated to Win11? or already there in Win10?
Can you share the screenshot again?
Please enter Settings>System>Sound>Input>Test your microphone
does it work?
Does plug in headset work? only the built in speaker/mic having issue?
Thank you.

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Thanks a ton Chief for responding.
The issue happened before updating in Win10 as well and now the same in Win 11.
Screenshot attached again
The microphone works fine . Only goes off when I log in to zoom or teams or any online meeting.
While that message appears on the screenshot there is a notification that appears from Asus App asking to shut the Noice cancellation. Post I do that Mic works but the speaker goes off. If a couple of times I keep fiddling with the speakers etc in respective apps then it will start working for a while and then shuts off in the middle again.
Haven't tried plugging in the microphone as the laptop does not have a microphone port
frustrated to the core. Please help

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Hi there,
Can you help to check the version of below driver and app?
1.Realtek Audio driver
2.Realtek Audio Console
Thank you.

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Audio driver 6.0.9202.1
UI version

Hope this is what you needed me to provide.
Thanks in advance for your help and support