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Asus Zenbook UX430 faulty motherboard replacement

Star I
I am really dissapointed of Asus support in their faulty laptop. My Asus UX430 that I bought 2.5 years ago is not waking up from sleeping mode, therefore everytime it gets sleep it should be turned offed brutally by pushing power button.
I reached authorised service in Lithuania and they found out that motherboard is faulty and should be replaced. However, new motherboard price is EUR 900, which is radiculous. I mean taking into account that this is quite common problem with Asus UX430, logically Asus should try to solve it, for example to change all faulty motherboards or at least to offer its replacememt with reasonable additional fee, but EUR 900 is unreasonably.
Also, what was surprised me that warranty for new motherboard valids only 3 months.
Whats is the situation in other countries? Is the price for motherboards so high? What is Asus position on this UX430 laptops problem?

Community Legend II
Hello Evaldas,
I am very sorry to receive this feedback.
For laptops can not wake up from sleep, we take care of this issue one by one, device by device. Each device is having different root cause.
Motherboard is the most expensive part of the laptop, and adding the labor service fee, high price is expected.
New replaced parts has new warranty, warranty period varies in different country based on their sales and service condition.
Hope you can understand. Let me know if you have any other concern.
I have reported this issue to related department for future improvement.
Thank you.