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laptop product registration

Star I

Hello, I tried to register my laptop but the system indicates that the serial number is already registered, which could be from a previous attempt. However my account does show any registered product. What is happening ?
laptop Asus UX430UA




I have sent you a message, please check.
Thank you.

Star I

I received your message from address, usually response to that type of address fall in a black hole. Will my answer be read ?
In fact, I do not mind if my computer is registered or not, I just want support for a pair of questions:

1.   use of the keyboard: how to key signs that are in the upper right corner of a key  or signs that are on keys with 5 signs on it ? in brief, where to find the keyboard manual ?

2. under Windows 10, no problem with sleep mode, it works correctly; under Linux (Ubuntu 22.04) the computer does not react to any key to wake up after the screen becomes blank, it has to be booted again. It worked correctly before, may be under Ubuntu 20.04. A problem with  Ubuntu 222.02 for  suspend mode or computer unactivity ?

Thanks for your help,

Could you please take a photo for me to confirm those signs? Will it be a special character in French?
Regarding the use of the linux system, since we have not done relevant tests, we cannot guarantee its stability and compatibility with you.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

Asus keyboard 2.jpgAsus keyboard 1.jpg