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Is the zenbook ux731ea meant to heat up and be loud?

Star I

I recently got this laptop and it was nice however the keyboard gets really warm to the touch after just web browsing and YouTube. Also when playing games like roblox which my old asus e210ma could handle without noise the zenbook sounds like a jet engine playing simple games.

Is it normal for this laptop to reach 70 degrees Celsius whilst on charge and on YouTube? The battery life isn’t great either. I got 2 hours from 80% to 10% and charged within 50 minutes to 55%. Thinking of returning the laptop because I was looking forward to using this for the next 5+ years however looks like it will probably last a year at most.



Have you updated both the BIOS and the system to the latest versions?
If you use MyASUS to check the fan, does it show any errors?
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If you have recently purchased the product and are concerned about the fan's cooling performance, we recommend that you communicate your concerns with the retailer to inquire about the possibility of returns or exchanges. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.