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Intel Iris driver update

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I own Zenbook S 13 Flip OLED (UP5302, 12th Gen Intel) and intel is telling me there is driver update for graphic card but it also warned me that if I install it I will lose all Asus customization done to the current one.

Should I update or can those customizations be added to new driver?




We would recommend using the drivers provided on our official website to ensure their stability and compatibility.
Thank you. 

Hello Falcon_ASUS, I am using them, can you tell me where can I request for Asus to upgrade drivers there?


Thank you!

Laptop product drivers need to undergo testing by the verification unit before a new driver version is released. Therefore, updates for drivers do not occur as quickly as they do for chip manufacturers. I will report your request to the relevant department for evaluation. Thank you.

@Falcon_ASUS Thank you. 

I am aware of the process but since there was no update for more than a year I think it is time for them to be updated.

Thank you for sending that request.