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Grey lines and green flicker on webcam when using AC power

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Grey lines and green flicker on webcam when using AC power
Model: UX533FD
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: No

Last edited by Quarter on 2019/12/9 09:37 As described above, the webcam image has grey lines and occasional green flickers. This only occurs when AC power is plugged in, everything works perfectly when using battery. I have removed and re-installed drivers with no success. This is a brand new laptop that I removed from the box yesterday. I see that there are two other questions with the same issue, but no answer has been provided. Is this a hardware issue and do I need to return my laptop or is there a software fix?
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Hi @Blake_ASUS ,
We got a new Vivobook Model # X512FA-EJ555T and have the exact same issue as discussed in the thread. It is less than a month old and I have updated all drivers, BIOS and Windows 10 Home but the issue is still there. Is this model also impacted with the same issue? Is there a fix available or expected soon?

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hi every one ,
I have the same issue with ProArt StudioBook Pro 17 / W700G3T

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i am having the same issue with ASUS VivoBook 14 X412FJ
any help??

Hey, @Blake_ASUS
Model :  X512FL-EJ190T , BIOS updated : 303
Still facing the problem, even the service centre technicians couldn't figure out the problem, please help.
Please do pm.

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Hello, I am experiencing the same problem. I just got the laptop a month ago. Here's my model: ASUS VivoBook S14 S430FN.
The webcam flickers (grey lines) when I'm charging, but seems to be normal when I'm not.