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Camera not working

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My Zenbook13 is not recognizing my camera and as such zoom says there is no camera. The camera works when I reboot the computer for facial recognition to let me logon. I have tried the hotkey F10 function to turn the camera on (which I think is the issue) however the F10 key may be broken. I can turn the volume and screen brightness up and down with the other hotkey functions but when I try to use the F10 hotkey nothing happens. Is there an alternative camera on-off function on the Zenbook 13 flip if the F10 key is broken.



Please try reinstalling the ASUS System Control Interface driver and then check if the hotkeys can function properly.
ASUS System Control Interface v3 Version V3.1.13.0
Or please refer to the following FAQ for troubleshooting: 
[Notebook/Desktop/AIO] Troubleshooting - How to fix Camera problem 
[Notebook] Troubleshooting - How to fix Notebook Keyboard problems 
Thank you.

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Here are few things that you can check -

1. Check if your drivers are updated.

2. Make sure that the camera is not disabled in settings.

3. Check your privacy settings.

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