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Bluetooth Went missing

Star II

My bluetooth went missing , and USb decrypter request failed 

initially i tried to fix it by reinstalling drivers , but didnt work , i though it may be a windows problem , i reset my pc , the problem still exists . 

i searched on internet , the last thing what i found out it may be hardware problem 




May I know the complete model of the laptop you are using?
If you have already tried restoring the system but the problem persists, I would suggest sending it for repair and diagnostics to confirm if it is caused by a hardware failure.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 
How to find Model Name  

Zenbook duo UX482EGR 

My laptop is just 6 months old , I called ASUS , they keep me on hold for half an hour , after half an hour an support attendant came online. I was frustrated talking to her. She kept on reading the script she had And I could not figure out where to find the options she was asking me to go. Finally after an hour she asked me to visit ASUS store . 

on Friday I want to New York asus store . Bluetooth was fixed , but usb still had problem . 

today Saturday , I was working in weekend in office . Suddenly the screen went black . 
I tried to hard reset which didn’t work . In 5 mins the laptop was hot , very hot . The bottom of the laptop was so hot that I could not hold the laptop continuously. I left the laptop in other room , I was scared if it would blast . 

I called asus again today , went through the same story which I experienced on Thursday, after an hour I asked to talk to supervisor . I was kept on hold for long time. Finally I was told someone will call me back . 

Guess what, No one called back . 
I have a flight on Thursday I bought laptop before 6 month , I even paid extra for additional warranty. I am really disappointed. 

my case number N2306010187

i think, i have the some problem with my new book? how do you fix it?