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Battery Health on UX305c

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System: UX305c, Win10
Battery or AC: AC
Frequency of occurrence: Always
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
My UX305c has just started charging very, very slowly, about 3% per hour with the OS shutdown. Its currently on about 40%.
I am pretty sure its not an issue with the charger, have tried another similar charger and see same problem. At ASUS's advice I installed MyASUS, however found it it does not offer a Battery Health Check on my model, worthless ! How can I determine if the problem is in the battery or circuitry managing the charging process ?
The charging policy, set using Windows tools is mid scale, between Max Battery Life and Perfomance.

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Hi Liz,
You can try to disconnect all the cable from the device and long press power button for 40 second to reboot the device.
You can try to generate windows battery report and we can see if there is any problem.
Thank you.

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Tried that. The battery report does not say anything about the health of the the battery, it just talks about the use of it.
We have now set the battery policy to "performance" mode which will, I believe shorten its life bu at least now it is being charged to 100% or there abouts. Until now it was in the middle position where, on some system I know of, it might only charge to, say, 80%, to prolong the battery life. However, I don't believe that ASUS would deliberatly only charge to 40% !

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Hi there,
Can you share the file?
The report should be showing the battery capacity as well.
Thank you.

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Thanks Blake_ASUS,
No, I cannot share, this forum does not allow me to upload a HTML file. But I have attached a screenshot of me displaying a small part of it.

yes, it does show 'a' capacity -

But did not seem to be the real capacity, the charge percentage hovered around 40%, that would imply 18WH so the 33WH seemed to be a wild guess.
Our real issue is that it was charging to only that figure of 40% or so, and, honestly, I could not understand what would go wrong with a battery that would stop accepting charge without raising its terminal voltage and thus, appearing to be fully charged.
It still does not make sense but its now being 100% charged, perhaps at the cost of battery life. Is it possible that the "look after your battery" setting implies only charging to 40% ?
Liz (via Davo)