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Battery charging above 60% even though I have "Maximum lifespan mode" enabled.

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My Zenbook is plugged in and I have the maximum lifespan mode enabled but my laptop is now up to 62%, plugged in and charging.
I noticed it went up to 61% and didn't think much of it but then it went up to 62%.
Why doesn't the maximum lifespan mode option stop the charging at 60%?
My Zenbook is 10 days old, no other issues at this point.

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May you specify your model?
When you set up the mode, the laptop is connected to AC adapter or on battery?
Thank you.

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Thank you for your reply.
It's a ZenBook 14 Q407IQ
It was plugged in when I enabled the battery saving mode.
It's now up to 63%.

Oh, when I first noticed it at 61%, I unplugged it and used battery power until it got down to 20% and then I plugged it in and it charged to 60%. It remained at 60% for a long time, to the next day but then I noticed it went up to 61%. It was plugged. It then went up to 62% and just now it's at 63%.
At some point I'll unplug it again and use the battery until it's low and plug it in again but I doubt that the maximum lifespan will stop and keep the battery at 60%.
I'm sure it will stop at 60%, for a good time, like a day or so but based on recent history it will slowly go up again.
Part of me wants to keep it plugged in to see if it will go to 64%, 65% etc. but that kind of defeats the maximum lifespan mode which is supposed to keep the battery at 60% of course (it's just not though).

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A tad more info for you as well.
When I leave to go do other things, I power my laptop off, I don't use sleep mode. I keep it plugged in while it's off.
My point is that my laptop isn't on or in sleep mode with this happening. I always power my laptop down/off each time I'm done using it.

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Hi a18s37,
May you help to check if your BIOS and ASUS System control Interface V2(Driver) are both up to date?
ZenBook 14 Q407IQ Driver & Tools | Laptops | ASUS USAAlso, after you set up the charging mode, may you unplug and plug in again to see if it is set up correctly?
Thank you.