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ASUS Battery Health Charging gone since update

Star I

I have a new Asus Zenbook Pro Duo and in the myAsus control panel I could select the Maximum Lifespan mode in the battery settings, which worked perfectly as it should, the battery didn't charge over 60% when plugged in and this option was selected.
Now I've made some updates to the newest versions of everything and the Maximum Lifespan mode has disappeared - there are only Battery Care Mode and Instant Full-Charge mode left, where the first option says that it won't charge over 80% but now I have it selected and the battery keeps getting charged to 92%, so this obviously doesn't even work as it should.
I want to get the most of my new laptop and hence I'd like to run it in Maximum Lifespan mode when plugged in. Should I downgrade to the previous version, or are you going to add this useful feature again?