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Vivobook Pro 14" Oled flickering or PWM

Star II

November 2021 brought a Vivobook 14" pro oled i5 K3400 in closed box.
I installed Linux on it, worked flawless.

I was restless behind the laptop. I developed headace and getting naucia sitting behind it.
Didn't know what it was. After 1 year of searching I think it is PWM. 
Setting the brightness on 100% isn't possible... too bright.

Contacting the local store Levix and Asus support resulting in it is my problem not theirs.
Searching online, resulting in more problems with the display.

You put something in the market but you're not responseble for it.

I'm stuck with this laptop that I can't use because I get sick from it.
And selling it now for 40% of it lost of it cost.

I'm very dissaponted at the local store and Asus.

I guess there won't be a next time... And my advice to people won't be Asus.
A disappointed customer.

Does somebody have an idea how to solve it?


Rising Star II


I thought I was the only one with this problem!

I also contacted the SC and ASUS Support!

And even threw off the video (look in my topic).

Everything is useless...

I bought my laptop at the end of May 2022, and from then until November I used it at 40% brightness and 100% Oled Flicker Free Dimming.

But then ASUS released BIOS\ASUS System Control Intarface updates.

And since then I have been suffering from PWM.

Even the recommendations recommended by manufacturers to set the brightness to 60% and Oled Flicker Free Dimming (I have it set to 80%) do not help ...


It seems to me that this is a software problem, and it can probably be fixed by updating the BIOS \ Asus System Control Interface \ Driver for the video card !!!

But ASUS is ignoring this for some reason...

I don't know how else to reach them...
Maybe you have some ideas?

Perhaps if there were more complaints, they would pay attention and release a fix...

Thank you so much for your answer.
I tought I was crazy expercing this alone. Suddenly the screen went blurry when scolling. I was having headache and nausea.
I had some plain simple answers back that are not friendly. 
They know there's an issue.

I don't notice nausea.

But there is a very noticeable discomfort in the eyes and head!!!

By the way, my screen suddenly became blurry too ...

Tried to send PM but can't . Reffering... to others... with problems.
Which country do you live in?