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Urgent - ASUS Vivobook 15 X1505ZA-OLED-L511 - Windows 10 drivers???

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Purchased recently this laptop, but only now getting to setup it. First the Windows installation was saying no HDD found, but luckily there was a youtube video to help with that - had to download separate driver. 
However, no touchpad/mouse is there and also no WiFi. 
Urgently need WiFi Windows 10 driver, but there is none on the website.

Is this laptop not Windows 10 compatible??? 

Thank you and kind regards! 


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Checked the website again, it looks like it is indeed not supported with Windows 10, only "tested" with Windows 11. 
However, now a new problem arises. Again, it doesn't detect network device, BUT now there is no obvious way to skip this part. Ugh...

Please refer to the following operations on the Microsoft website to confirm whether the problem has been improved. 
Thank you.

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Dear Falcon, 

Thank you for replying. 

I just went with Windows 11. However, seeing that I had touchpad and WiFi connectivity in the BIOS I was very surprised to find it doesn't work in Windows itself again. Then I had an issue downloading the correct drivers, as the ones shown by default on the site were not making any difference. I found it was either an issue with the site or with my browser, but later the same day the Expand All button for the drivers page worked and now it showed a whole big bunch more of downloadables. Many of them looked like different version of the same driver, but at this point I was already annoyed and just downloaded all and started installing one by one regardless of version and what it was for. Eventually some of them apparently worked and got the touch pad and wifi working. 

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May I ask what RAM you have in the 2 slots 2x 8GB or only 1x 8GB? If 2 x GB DDR4 what is your speed in Task manager? are you on Dual channel mode or single channel mode? When you click on System>hardware does it say Intel UHD or Iris Xe for the GPU?

I am about to buy this unit and it is sold as Single channel, 1x 8GB DDR4, with UHD GPU which is crazy because the 1235u processor has Iris Xe build-in, all you have to do is add 1x 8GB and the GPU will operate as Iris Xe. I cannot get this confirmed in the Philippines, I have to buy the unit first then request that RAM upgrade, but no one wants to say if the MOBO supports Dual Channel or not and they insist it only has UHD GPU. All comments are welcome, I am in a bind because I need to make a decission to buy this or the more expensive i7 model with 2x 8GB RAM and Iris Xe GPU.