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Unprofessional service center

Star I

I had submitted my vivobook 15 laptop to asus ASC in November month to change the hinge.(the part connect laptop body and screen, since it had a hardware issue) 

Note:  My laptop had no issues, working with it since 4+ years.

They have changed the hinge but they made damage on my screen. I immediately contacted them that display is flickering. They took laptop back and fixed it in 1 week of time.

After taking laptop the flickering problem was still occuring oftentimes. I again resubmitted laptop one month later when flickering got too much.

They use to fix it and the next day again flickering start.

I took laptop to local technician after waiting for ASC to fix it for 3 months. Local technician said me the display has an issue and replaced the display.

He also handed me over the damaged display.

Now asus will claim me the reimbursement for the damage they made ?

I have proper voice call records, receipts and pictures. To prove my point.

Should I rasie a complaint on consumer court or asus will handle this ?




I have sent you a message, please provide your laptop serial number through the message for further confirmation. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.