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printer issues

i have a newly configured Vivobook 17 that will not print to my  HPOfficeJet either as a USB or network printer.

i can send scan and fax jobs with no issues, but nothing prints regardless of which way its attempted, yet the software clearly see its, HP clearly reads its device connection.  this Asus is the only Asus on my private network & only network device that wont print to it, so CLEARLY its not the printer.

I need a  printer that works, any recommendations...........

.............this is the 1st & last Asus I will buy, We are expanding from a 1-person or to an enterprise of 11 charities, i dont have time for this nonsense.




Please refer to the following FAQ for troubleshooting.
Install a printer in Windows   
Thank you.

Not only is it NOT resolved but its not resolvable.  That is determined  (a) by common sense, and (b) from 40+ years of software/hardware/network/technology, electrical, chemical, structural, civil, mechanical and other engineering expertise.

To date we've heard from 233 other individuals & companies who have  encountered the same issue.  Now we have hit this snag a few times over the years but attributed it more to the age of the notebook.  BUT RESEARCH  ON YOUR OWN WEBSITE SHOWS THAT YOUR ASUS NOTEBOOKS TEND "NOT BE COMPATIBLE WITH A HOST OF PERIPHERAL DEVICES, REGARDLESS OF WHO THE OEM  IS.   And the Asus device we have WAS NOT EVEN LISTED.

I would recommend you learn which of your products fall into this category before recommending solutions that have already performed 99.999999999% of the time prior to reaching out.

We are transitioning into a national economic development enterprise for 501c startups and small businesses, a market which increases by at least 1M each year, the charity of a 47 year old firm who does this for a living.  All of this revisited why we purchase Asus notebooks so rarely and confirmed that OUR decision NOT PURCHASE ANYMORE ASUS NOTEBOOKS was correct . We've also withdrawn our invitation to serve as a one of two (2) dedicated Technology Support Partners (TSP) which is an exclusive relationship to supply the various Stakeholders within our market because a notebook that wont recognize printer is absolutely useless if you cannot print from it.

So thank you for your help, but please in the future do your homework first.  This was never a Windows issue, and its not a Print/Peripheral Device issue when the device is an All-in-One -- meaning its a Print-Scan-Fax device, the scan & fax where perfectly but ONLY the Print function doesn't.  Thats a clear indication this issue is your device, not the device being attached.  Not rocket science.

Thank you again, we've moved on .

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Community Manager
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