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Notebook international warranty question

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Hello, I’m buying an Asus Tuf gaming D15. Currently I live in Japan, but will soon move to Brazil.

I want to know if I will be covered once I’m in Brazil and if I could buy the extended Premium Care and be able to have its cover in Brazil as well.

I’ve found conflicting info, since international warranty doesnt mention Brazil, but premium care do.

also: is the notebook multivolt? Japan uses 100v flat outlets, and Brazil uses 127v round outlets. Will it work safe and properly without any risk of damage?


In case I need any repair and/or replacement, can I refer to your authorized repair center and order the needed parts (could they order it directly from asus?)
>> Sure, but the delivery of parts may take some time.

Or can I conta t Japanese support and ask to buy the certain part for a relative to mail me it?
>> If you were in Brazil at that time, you can directly contact the local customer service in Brazil without contacting the customer service in Japan.

Thank you.

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Community Manager
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