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K3502ZA 15" OLED Audit Failure 4625 about logon

Star II

I am getting these Audit Failures 4625 for no reason, checked my account, anyone else having this issue?

Update 25 August, 2023: The Audit Failures stopped, hope it stays that way, just ignore this post.


1. The current version of the operating system you are using. That hasn't changed still W11 Home 22H2
2. Same as my last post:, 2022
3. Same as my last post: S/N NAN0CV0******** 
4. the screenshot is the text in the message above


I have sent you a message, please check.
Thank you.


Here is the Cloud link to the *.wim file I just made:!AgTBm4IebaXQiXdwX391DLlftrZD?e=n89w9n

Thanks for your help.