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Green screen in camera but taken photo is correct

Star I
System: ASUS vivobook X409JA
Battery or AC: Battery
Model: VivoBook_ASUSLaptop X409JA_X409JA
Frequency of occurrence: Always
Reset OS: NO
Screenshot or video: SCREENSHOT
serial number: L8N0CX06960735A
Detailed description:
There is a green tint to the camera when it is opened in the camera app but the taken photo comes properly
i have attached a screenshot of the screen
it is a brand new laptop which has just arrived yesterday
Please help me with this

Community Legend II
Hello Atul,
Please kindly run windows update to complete all the update first.
Let me know if it gets better.
Thank you.

Star II
have you found a solution? however I kind of like how the photo looks, I mean these colors) I'm currently learning how to edit photos: change colors, background, and so on. I will be happy by the way if you can help me find material that I can study to learn this.