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Blinking charging light X1603Z Notebook

Star II

Hello, a first post on here.

Recently acquired an X1603Z Notebook and noticed when powered on the white charging LED is repeatedly blinking in a pattern of 4 blinks in approx 8 seconds followed by off for approx 4 seconds.

Research on the internet has led me to the BIOS and a setting called VMD setup mode. Currently it is set to Disabled and I get the blinking pattern, even when in the BIOS. If I set it to Enabled and save and exit the notebook restarts but I get a blue screen: Inaccessible_boot_device,  but no blinking pattern.

I'll probably just live with the blinking but wondered if there was a solution to stop it.

I have no idea if it would be beneficial to have the VMD thing enabled but obviously I can't do that.

There is a BIOS update available (803 to 804) but always slightly worried about doing those updates unless I know a particular issue I have warrants it.

Anybody any thoughts or have similar experience?




May I ask how long ago you purchased your laptop?
Could you please provide the current BIOS version and system (operating system build number) version? 
Additionally, I have sent you a message. Please refer to the instructions in the message to upload relevant files to a cloud storage and provide the link for further confirmation. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thanks for your response.

So busy just now I've not been able to spend any time on this but I hope to over the weekend.

Thanks again for your interest.



Bought laptop online end of November.  BIOS is version 803.  I've just had latest version of Windows 11 Home offered in updates so system is now version 22H2  build  22621.2715

Have replied to your message.

Edit: Just opened MyAsus and that states

OS: Microsoft Windows 11 Home 64-bit 10.0.22621 

Firmware: Release date 20220907    Version X1603ZA.303


Thank you for your information
I have replied to you again, please check, thank you.