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Blinking charging light X1603Z Notebook

Star II

Hello, a first post on here.

Recently acquired an X1603Z Notebook and noticed when powered on the white charging LED is repeatedly blinking in a pattern of 4 blinks in approx 8 seconds followed by off for approx 4 seconds.

Research on the internet has led me to the BIOS and a setting called VMD setup mode. Currently it is set to Disabled and I get the blinking pattern, even when in the BIOS. If I set it to Enabled and save and exit the notebook restarts but I get a blue screen: Inaccessible_boot_device,  but no blinking pattern.

I'll probably just live with the blinking but wondered if there was a solution to stop it.

I have no idea if it would be beneficial to have the VMD thing enabled but obviously I can't do that.

There is a BIOS update available (803 to 804) but always slightly worried about doing those updates unless I know a particular issue I have warrants it.

Anybody any thoughts or have similar experience?




Have responded to your message.

After some further googling about this issue I am fairly sure that the solution would require reinstalling Windows 11 with VMD already enabled. However, for general usage I don't think I need it enabled, just a shame it causes the blinking LED error. 

Here's a link to someone with the same issue (also Asus laptop) although he doesn't mention a blinking LED, but  possibly didn't notice it. Link

I don't want to waste your or my time on this unless you think it will be of some real benefit to the Asus community in general. For the general laptop user, I don't think performance is affected.

If you think it is worth pursuing then I'm still happy to continue but from what I can see the final solution might well end up as reinstall windows (VMD option enabled) or live with a blinking LED (VMD option disabled).

If you find the provided solution acceptable for the reported issue, please disregard the use of the tools mentioned above.
However, if you believe the problem needs further clarification, we kindly ask for your assistance in providing the post-execution files and uploading them to the cloud storage. I will then request our technical team to conduct additional verification.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your understanding.


Have responded to your message.

Btw For anyone following  this thread I'm not sure when I said in my previous post "reinstall windows (VMD option enabled) or live with a blinking LED (VMD option disabled)"  that the bracketed statement about VMD option is correct when reinstalling Windows. This is because I haven't myself tried reinstalling Windows and  looking at other threads on the internet leaves me with some confusion.

I have forwarded the request to the technical team for assistance in verification.
If there are any updates, I will respond to you immediately.
Thank you for providing the information.