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Scratches on the Surface of the Lid of Laptop

I found scratches on the surface of the lid of the laptop (Asus Model M3400QA) I recently purchased from Asus Lippo Puri Mall, Jakarta Barat. This defect is so small that it cannot be seen at first. But after I brought it home, in the evening I found...

battery health charging

Hi everyone, I have a Asus Vivobook Flip 14 and I surpassed 350 cycles and feel like I need to improve my battery health so I saw on that we can download asus battery health charging in utilities of our products. But I am having a problem in...

Fingerprint on K3402ZA

I am planning on purchase VivoBook S 14X (K3402ZA), but I have doubt regarding the fingerprint that found implant with power button. How does it works? Is it detect the fingerprint since power off or only Windows detect the fingerprint?Let say the fi...

xtreeme by Star I
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NVME ssd not detected

Recently I bought a Teamgroup MP33 NVME SSD to be installed on my A412DA laptop. But the ssd is not detected in the BIOS nor windows 11 that i lnstalled on the laptop. I have dome several step:1. update the bios firmwate to the latest version exist o...

Memory Capacity Inquiry

I am looking to purchase an Asus VivoBook 15 model F512DA-WH31 on Amazon that based on what I have been able to learn to date provides a 20 GB memory capacity. This noted, is it possible to install a larger memory stick to obtain a 32 GB memory capac...

Vivobook Pro 14" Oled flickering or PWM

November 2021 brought a Vivobook 14" pro oled i5 K3400 in closed box.I installed Linux on it, worked flawless.I was restless behind the laptop. I developed headace and getting naucia sitting behind it.Didn't know what it was. After 1 year of searchin...

elice82 by Star II
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