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How many days it takes for asus to deliver a laptop in Melbourne? I have contacted customer support and they do not have any information about my order status. I tried to email, but I do not get any reply. What to do??

SSD Upgrade

SSD Crushed and changed it, had to redownload everything but lost my PC apps like my Asus, where do i redownload them and other functions like the mousepad keyboard are not there anymore where do i get the drivers?

Not a developer or hacker!

I had just recently noticed a drop in efficiency in my computer and I had to do some research I found out that the Microsoft has noted me as a developer and I am not I am not a hacker I am just a typical everyday user of a PC I do not know how to get...

BIOS Utility- EZ Mode

Dear Asus I’m stuck in this page I tried to save and exit but nothing happens it take me again to the same pageWhat should I do?

Omar98 by Star I
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My laptop sleeps for no reason

I have an ASUS Vivobook 15 X515. My laptop goes into sleep mode while working on it. Following are the two sample instances:1. While watching a series on the laptop it went to sleep. It was connected to a monitor. Nothing was working in the backgroun...

VivoBook Pro 14X OLED - Grinding Noise from Laptop Fan

My laptop is just over an year old and its fan has started making a very strong grinding like noise.About 2 months ago, I got it cleaned and it stopped doing that for a month but now it has abruptly resurfaced again.I am concerned that it may cause p...


HELLO,I want to tell you that I received a system bios which is 310 ver and then it removed from my asus support page and now it only show 307 ver bios so what to do now , should i change my bios to lower ver 307 or should i leave my bios as it is.Mo...