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ASUS VivoBook Pro: broken hinge?

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I just realized that when I close my laptop the right side of the back part of the screen remains lifted and it makes an awful crack noise if I try to open/close it. I also noticed that the bezel on the same side is slightly detached as well. What do you think is the problem and can it be easily fixed? The laptop has never been dropped so I don't understand how this has happened.

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Asus vivobook has the worst build quality have faced the same issue and

even on warranty service center denied to get it fixed under warranty

had to follow for around around 4 months to get it fixed

I will never but any Asus product in my life

even after the service their freaking bios update crippled my laptop performance and now the laptop is not usable more than 3 hours it will lock to 0.4GHZ cpu speed Asus don't bother to fixing it.

I have visited their freaking service center and the morons don't understand anything they simply reinstalled windows and the issue was fixed for sometime now its back i strongly feel it bios bug i know atleast 10 users of the same model having the exact same issue

Asus is worthless never buying any asus products

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Now everything is working for me.