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asus creator series vivobook 16x 2023 battery backup issue

Star II

Hello, I purchase #asus vivobook 16x i5 12450H , 16gb ram , RTX 2050, 512gb ssd,  120hz refresh rate  on 24-12-2023

First day it giving 4-5 hrs but after one to two days its giving 3 hrs and now 2.5 hrs.

I already check all background apps . no background app running , 1 time reset the laptop but issue is not resolving.




Please confirm that your BIOS version and system version are up to date, and provide a screenshot of the battery usage screen for our confirmation. Additionally, could you let us know what programs and operations you've been using during this period?
Also, what is the brightness level of your screen?

BIOS Version/Date = American Megatrends International, LLC. K3605ZF.308, 6/30/2023

system Version = 10.0.22621 Build 22621

i uploaded screenshot of my data usage

I only use browser to use internet with power saver on it in the browser after that battery is draining very fast

I already applied window Energy recommendations but it giving same battery backup . and after applying battery saver mode it maximum give 3 hrs battery backup and there no background apps is running

plz solve my issue




Upon reviewing the pictures you provided, it appears that your battery is not charged to 100%.
Could you please charge the battery to 100% and provide subsequent screenshots of the battery usage status for our confirmation?
Additionally, I have sent you a message, please check.
Thank you.

Star II

I try to charge it to full but after 90% it goes very slow and at 99% it completely stop 

When unplugged it showing 2:40 hrs and drain very fast like 1% last for 1 min.



Additionally, I have replied your message