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Temperature at the USB connector is too high. Charging error

Star I

When charging my phone, after maybe half an hour, the phone goes off on an alarm and displays the following error message.  

"Temperature at the USB connector is too high. Please unplug the USB cable and charger immediately, and visit an asus service center for further testing" 

I contacted the only ASUS service center that is close to me, and they said that they do not do anything phone related.  The next closest center is over 4 hours away.  

Phone restarts do not solve this issue. I have replicated this issue with 3 differnt cables/chargers.  I can now only charge my phone through the side port.  I have also lookes the the phones temperatures through the armory crate app and the cpu/gpu temps never get above 50C before the alarm goes off and the message shows.  

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.  I'll provide any information that I might have missed.  



It may be caused by dust or foreign objects inside the charging port of your phone.
As your phone's warranty has likely expired, you may consider taking your phone to a repair shop to have them check it for you. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.