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solution for cod mobile (lag and freeze)

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solution hello, i sat down yesterday to solve the problem with the rog. I looked at the values ​​and created a separate scenario profile for cod. I adjusted some values ​​there. In the last 10 games I have great scores and no more problems. I hope it helps you too. video below

comment if it helped you

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Still crashes sometimes less I think now only way to fix is go back to firmware Android 9 check Asus downloads on there website

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Es wird immer schlimmer,es passiert nicht nur bei Battle Royal so auch bei allen anderen Spielmodis. Tencent scheint es aber auch nicht zu interessieren,genau wie Asus. Wird wohl doch Zeit einen Firmen Wechsel....

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I tried it on PUBGM evoground mode it has stable FPS. THANKS @joschi.b850 . HOPE the DEVS can learn from your settings. It might help there DEFAULT XMODE SETTINGS. Check this out @Anders_ASUS . DEV could learn from his tweaks on Xmode/scenario profile. Ill try it on classic mode.

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Whats the response in ? Classic after using these profile values ?

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Upload the profile archive please

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Hello, community,

New update new problems and that is what a luck not only for us ROG users. 

Since the new update to Android 10, there is currently the problem that in BR mode a black screen appears once per round. 

After the current post from Activision there will be a fix in the near future which should solve this problem - we are curious.

Since we don't want to wait that long, there is a solution that will allow us to play without any failure.


in advance you can still use the profile that was posted above.

1: You have to go back to Android 9 (takes only 5 minutes)

Make a backup via Google Drive before you reset to 9.

1.1 Download the official dorngrade version on Android 9 P from the Asus site


1.2 After downloading the ZIP file, connect your ROG to your computer and open your mobile phone folder

1.3 Copies the file into the folder ( Attention: Do not copy into any other folder )

1.4 Restart your phone, you will now get a message that a new update is available.

Downgrade and you are back on Android 9 P

**** Setting in COD Mobile****

See you on the battlefield 😉

P.s sorry for my broken english 😄