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Lagging COD please Help!

Having Problems playing COD Mobile. Problem First started occurring yesterday. Since then I've tried downgrading in game settings, upgrading phone settings, I've done a factory reset and still no Joy. Game works fine on my Galaxy S8+. Any Ideas? Chee...

Gamepad Key Combo Triggers

Can we have an update on the Key Mapping where we can set key combos likeL1 + L2 to trigger part of the screen this make sure that we can utilize the buttons on complex UI

Requirement of DC DIMMING feature...

@Titan_ASUS@TITAN forward to developers and tell them to include with next update. DC DIMMING can be included as an option. Because of absence of this feature amoled screen seems to be flickering while recording with other phone.

Lost lid/cover of side mounted usb-c port.

Is that a problem? For example,. Dust and other stuff getting in and all that, or it's fine because the normal usb port is always open too so side one being open always doesn't really matter.

Kanu by Rising Star II
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asus rog mobile dock

I'm having problems with cod mobile. The mouse does not work. Everything works apart the mouse. Have no issues using it with pubg mobile.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Screen blackout and touch not working

My phone Screen blackout while working on phone and not wakeup for few minutes to wakeup the phone the power switch is also not working, kindly resolve the issue

Resolved! Rog phone 2 display.

If we change the ROG PHONE 2 display what and all the display component contains? Only the display will be changed or the display with copper cooling pad also will be changed? I saw in a tear down video that the display is attached with the frame of...

Banned for no apparent reason !

Mods can someone please help me out ?? My handle ApolloFury has been banned for no reason ! . I have not posted anything that goes against Asus Zentalk policy ( i have read them )and in all my posts Mods are tagged to see what i have posted ! . Pleas...