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Bad internet connection

I get bad connection/losing connection on places other dont, I have compared with a old Samsung s8 and every places i tested connection s8 have higher speed and better connection, it have the same tele company so I should not be that. Any idea what I...

Cenimm by Rising Star I
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Heat charger port

Hi, I'm using Rog phone 2. Why I can't charge my phone, and always has reminder about heat on charger port even when I didn't charge it. But I can charge my phone using the side port.

Rear camera "portrait" mode freezes / can't take photo

I am having an issue but only for the rear camera. Here are the steps:1) launch the camera app. By default you will be on "photo" mode using the rear camera. You can then swipe left to go to "video" mode or swap right to go to "portrait" mode.2) When...

Lock screen issue

when I open the phone or application using the fingerprint in display on the screen will appear like a reduction in pixel quality. when I try to record the screen nothing happens and look normal, it's happen only when I try to unlock and back normal ...


u know guys i love having Asus rog 2 except for some draw backs here and there. This is the best phone out there at best price at my point of view. NOW AS 2020 HAS BEGUN LETS DISCUSS ABOUT HOW ROG PHONE 3 MIGHT BE :- My expectations:-1. It must conta...

Lagging COD please Help!

Having Problems playing COD Mobile. Problem First started occurring yesterday. Since then I've tried downgrading in game settings, upgrading phone settings, I've done a factory reset and still no Joy. Game works fine on my Galaxy S8+. Any Ideas? Chee...

Gamepad Key Combo Triggers

Can we have an update on the Key Mapping where we can set key combos likeL1 + L2 to trigger part of the screen this make sure that we can utilize the buttons on complex UI

Requirement of DC DIMMING feature...

@Titan_ASUS@TITAN forward to developers and tell them to include with next update. DC DIMMING can be included as an option. Because of absence of this feature amoled screen seems to be flickering while recording with other phone.