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Screen saver, scheduled charging, led notification

Star I
I set the screen saver on (clock), it only shows when on charge, no other time. Is this correct?
Charging - I set the scheduled charging for 23:00 to 06:00. If I plug it in during the day, it says scheduled charging activated and I have to cancel it, or it stops at 80%. But it's outside the set time?
Think my blue led is dead. Also if I set what's app to yellow and Gmail is green (can't seem to change this) if I get one of each message, it flashes red and green?! Lol.
No idea how to change SMS from green either, or emails. Are they being customisable?

Rising Star I
Yes the screen saver only works while charging when we select the option while charging or docked. It only works while charging and doesn't works at any other time.

yes I also get the schedule charging notification even i keep the charging in day time and i think that schedule charging thing not even works. I tried it for 2 times but every time it is at 100 before the time of schedule charging end.

The led has only a few colours so you can customize it through app.