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Facebook on game genie direct streaming

Asus I beg your developer to put facebook as an option on game genie direct live streaming. Much people dont use YouTube and Twitch to stream we only use facebook. And rog phone 2 doesn't allow third party app to redirect live streaming to Facebook. ...

Aero cooler issue

So there's this game called Super mecha championship and whenever i play this game the aero cooler just automatically shuts down...Than as i close the game it starts again !!Whats the issue....

RAIDEN_ by Rising Star II
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Getting this message prompts while selecting files or deleting. It has so much delay and taking so much of time to get rid off this prompts.I asked my friend who is a beta tester of android 10 and he also faces the same. So please improve the featu...


Screen saver, scheduled charging, led notification

Hello,I set the screen saver on (clock), it only shows when on charge, no other time. Is this correct?Charging - I set the scheduled charging for 23:00 to 06:00. If I plug it in during the day, it says scheduled charging activated and I have to cance...

Once more battery issue

My Rog phone 2 used to take 2 hours to charge 100% and the the battery backup was quite good. But now my Rog phone 2 takes less than a hour to charge 100 % and the battery has started draining so fast. What is the reason behind this issue? Btw it's b...

Chrome does not respond and screen flickers

I have several issues with the phone and I have mentioned three main ones here.Its been a month I have been using the indian varient of Rog Phone 2. And like 2 weeks prior this issue with Chrome has begun. Everytime I open chrome after a while like ...

Battery draining

I observe my phone for 1week and half.... Is this normal?? That my battery drain 11-13% playing games with 20% brightness, xmode is off, no air cooling fan attached, 60gherts and connected in wifi or data for 1hr??? And cp is idle for 6hrs 1% d...

rhyan by Star I
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Resolved! Rog Phone 1 - Front Camera not working

Please advice after updating to new android 9 my front camera dosen't work at all... I tried everything clean cache,clear storage and reboot but nothing works...Please help me...

Chippy by Star I
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