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Small Quality of life Feature requests

Rising Star I

I've been using the ROG phone 8 Pro and I noticed there are some small and quick features that could be easily added which will bring a lot of improvement to the quality of life to the software in day to day use.  Maybe @Mattias_ASUS  could push some of these to the development team:

  1. Brightness slider on notification panel. The current brightness slider is only shown when the quick settings are extended. It would be better if we could adjust brightness manually from the notification panel without having to extend the quick settings menu.
  2. Power mode Quick Settings toggle. A quick settings tile to toggle between the three modes: X mode, Dynamic and Ultra durable. Currently there is only a quick settings toggle to enable and disable the X mode.
  3. Battery saver Quick toggle. Different form ultra durable, this setting is currently hidden inside developer options.
  4. Bypass charging Quick settings toggle. This way we could toggle bypass battery without having to navigate to settings each time. And this way we could enable it as soon as a cable is connected.
  5. Lock Sound personalization. While notifications and ringtone sounds can be customized, there is currently no way to customize the charging and locking/unlocking sounds. The only option available is to toggle them on or off.
  6. Bluetooth Timeout. A simple feature to automatically turn off Bluetooth if there are no devices connected, with the ability to manually set the desired waiting time.
  7. Smaller increments for Battery charge limit. The current limits are set to 80%,90% and 100% It would be better if we could change the limit in increments of 5, so 75%,80%,85%,90%,95% and 100%
  8. Pure black Dark mode. A better and more battery efficient version of the dark mode that uses pure black to turn the pixels off in the backgrounds rather than using the dark grey that is used by default.
  9. Add more quick setting toggle rows to notification panel. A great small feature, this way we could add 1 more row to the quick settings shown in the AOSP notification panel. Currently only 2 rows are shown when swiping down, 3 would add a lot of functionality, 4 would be too many and unnecessary. This would work well with the aforementioned new quick setting toggle suggestions.
  10. The ability to hide the top text and icons on the home screen. Very simple, to be able to have a home screen where no text appears on the top of the screen. No battery percentage, notification icons or time. Currently these can be completely turned off, but it would be great to have them only when inside apps, as many including me already have all that information shown by other means like widgets and so.

I would appreciate if any of these could be added in future updates.