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Will ROG 8 get new updated Aptx Lossless

Star III

Im enjoying the high quality of Aptx Adaptive (lossless) from supported TWS. Since Asus markets the ROG 8 of having Bluetooth 5.4. Any plans to update basic Aptx Lossless. Currently the ROG 8 has Aptx Lossless encoded to 24bit as a way to get Aptx Lossless (16bit/44khz). To get to the next variation of 16bit/48khz, Aptx Adaptive needs to be encoded to work alongside LE Audio which currently is not supported in the ROG 8. And the newer variation from S3 Gen 3 will support Aptx Lossless Hi-Res (24bit/48khz). Hopefully Asus implements or pays the fee for this update