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ROG phones announcement issues.

Rising Star II

We are all suffering different issues with our ROG phones ( ROG 7 and 8 ). The moderators don't care to solve the issues and none of these updates not only solve but also cause us more issues.

In that regard, we need to be heard somehow. For ROG phone 7 users have been almost 4 months and there wasn't any solution given by ASUS nor the moderators. For ROG 8 users , I believe it's been 2 months and no solution either.

We have to go worldwide so we can be heard. We ( ROG phone users )  tipped GSMArena, PhoneArena , and few other users tipped few YouTubers.

We're all writing our issues on " Reedit " now and  this could change everything.

I need you guys to go and give comment(s) about your issues on " Reedit ". Here is the link and I already posted a thread . All you need to do is to give your comment ,otherwise same ROG phones' 5  fate is ahead of us. Comment please. !