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Confirmed. Snapdragon sound not latest on ROG 8

Star III

I bought the new Vivo TWS 4 Hifi to try out Aptx Lossless Hi-Res (1,200kbps bit rate 24/48) from the new S3 Gen 3platform from Qualcomm. Asus Rog Phone 8 doesn't not support this new version of Aptx Lossless. Pretty much confirmed it the new Eppfun Ak3040 Pro Max USB C transmitter. Aptx Lossless on that sounded more in depth which you get from Hi-Res. Pretty much confirms it for me


Rising Star II

I think people found out that it is software locked in developer mode. So maybe they can unlock it with a software update.

I have read those posts but this is just me posting to confirm that those conclusions are true.