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New Update

Rising Star I

For the latest update, I feel there has been an improvement, but I'm still confused when playing MLBB. The game runs smoothly, but the FPS shows only 110-118 when in-game. However, when outside the game, the FPS reaches 120, and the weirdest thing is when in training mode, the FPS feels a bit stuttering.

For CODM mobile, I think it's good because there are no frame drops, and it always stays at 120 FPS.

Next, there might be some unresolved issues:

  • The notification LED acts strangely. When the phone is charging, the notification LED lights up orange. But when there's a notification from another app, the LED color doesn't change, it remains orange. Then, when the phone is not charging and there's a notification, the LED lights up but blinks slowly instead of the previous rapid blinking.

  • When I open MLBB, the initial display of the Armoury Crate is missing. What's strange is that I only use the automatic refresh rate, and the game runs at 120 FPS. However, the screen's color freshness feels like it's at 165 FPS, causing brightness to increase and leading to temperatures up to 47 degrees. When I set the refresh rate to 120 FPS, the game runs at 121 FPS, but when set to automatic refresh rate, it fluctuates around 110-118-120 FPS. The reason I choose automatic refresh rate is because the touch feels more accurate, whereas if set to 120 FPS, the touch feels slightly delayed.

  • When I want to restart or turn off the phone, the button responds slowly, taking a few moments to appear on the restart menu.


Star III

An update to fix this will come soon .