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Thinking about picking up ROG 7

HiThinking about getting a ROG 7(non ultimate)Anything i should know before getting the phone? Something I should look out for?Is charger included, I saw some mixed info, with a 30w charger, 65w,etc. 

Pubg Crash Whit Android 14

I'm back with my problem, I remember I brought Rog 7 and I've been a PUBG mobile player for 6 years, the game has never been so bad, The problem is Android 14, before my game was running at a constant 91 fps and 20 ms, now it's fluctuating between 50...

Android 14 Crash pubg mobile

I have an Asus Rog 7 and I updated to Android 14, unfortunately after the update the phone no longer works well, I am a PUBG player and with Android 13 the game was running very well, now with Android 14 I have Crash in the game, I can't shoot, shoot...

Toyota22 by Star III
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Anyone know what rog 7 version(s) works with at&t?

I'm looking for an rog 7 online to buy and I know that the models at&t supports are the _f versions however when I view a rog 7 on Amazon, Walmart,ect. All it tells me is the first numbers (ai2205) and not the last ones so I can't tell if its an (_f)...

kapla by Star I
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I recently updated the rog phone 7 ultimate

I updated the rog 7 ultimate mobile software update to 34.1010.0820.40 after updating to this software there was calling problem.when i receving or when I am calling to someone there is no sound coming from the earpiece but when I am turning on speck...

Notification on ROG Vision disappear

Hi all7 UltimateHow can I keep the Notifications on the ROG vision on until I clear them? It at least that they flash every few seconds. I think it's quite useless to show a notification of an incoming message only for 5 seconds. What happens if I ha...

WiFi calling in ROG Phone 7

Currently using ROG 3 WHICH DOESN'T HAVE WIFI CALLING.Due to this i have to change the phone but i thought to post here this question.Does ASUS ROG Phone 7 has WiFi calling facility enabled ? If anyone can give me answer with some documentation then ...