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White noise during aux for Sony CH720N

Star II

I tried on the headphones "CH720N" and when playing music, there's constant white noise when the volume between 1-60, as soon as I put it between on higher frequencies the white noise disappears, 

Pretty sure this is not a aux port issue as other earphones work perfectly well, and works well on high frequencies of the same model (Ch-720n) 

When connecting the headphone (CH720n) on another phone like a samsung (through aux), the headphone works perfectly fine.. 

Any idea what could be the issue? 



Hi @benjaminfernand,

Does this happen when the ANC is on? Or off?
And which firmware version are you on?

It happens on both, doesn't matter if ANC is on or off, 

Firmware version :- 34.1420.1420.387

Thanks for the info, will forward it to the dev team.

Thanks Mattias, 

Is it possible to know why this problem occurs as I am afraid now to buy new headphones in fear of this issue taking place again. Just returned an expensive pair of headphones due to this issue