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Slow connection of wifi in my ROG 8 phone

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My download speed is very slow in my ROG 8 phone, even though I have 200 mbps plan of fiber internet, my old phone can take up to 200 mbps and my ROG phone 8 can only take 30 mbps


Community Manager
Community Manager


Hi please help check information below. Thanks.

1. Please provide a screenshot from [Settings] > [System] > [About phone].

2. Disable [Developer options] if it is on. 

3. Occurrence frequency of this issue.

4. Does this issue persist even your phone connected to other Wi-Fi hotspots?

5. The brand and model of your router.

6. Update all apps on Google Play and re-check.

7. Update [Settings] > [Security & lock screen] > [Google Play system update] to April 1, 2024 and re-check

8. Go to [Settings] > [system] > [Reset options] > tap [Reset Bluetooth & Wi-Fi]. Reboot your router (and also update to latest firmware and even perform a factory reset on your router) and then reconfirm if issue persists.

Still having the same problem, my speed is fix on 30 mbps only


Community Manager
Community Manager


Hi please kindly check and reply all questions above for initial trouble shooting. Thanks .

1. See the attach picture below


2. Developer is off

3. Its stay at is, since I bought this phone

4. Yes

5. FFTH Fiberhome HG6245D

6. Done updating the apps and already checked

7.  Done updating it

8. Done doing it too