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ROG 8 hotspot issues

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I recently purchased a ROG 8 phone.

Very excited about it , thinking ASUS it's  huge and old company in production of electronics, nothing can't go rong 

Well , on to my disappointment the ROG 8 product showed me I was not entirely right.

It haves issues with the hotspot. Apparently I can connect with my old devices to ROG 8 hotspot , and everything it's ok for the first 3 minutes, after the ROG 8 hotspot it's not sharing anymore internet 🛜. All devices staying connected with the hotspot but no internet flowing.

Now I had to send it to the authorised repair shop , witch I did , and the phone was there for repairs with everything specified in the note.

Received the phone back after 10 fays 

Now ... In to my disappointment , the phone turned back , from the authorised ASUS repair shop with the same issue. 😳

I called ASUS representative over here , and he told me to send the phone back with a video of the issue. 😳

I want to say that, this is very inconvenient.

Any one had the same hotspot issues with they're phone as well? Any tips for fixing it ?





Hi @ROGX1 
In the Wi-Fi hotspot settings there is a setting called "Turn off hotspot automatically" is this on?

Hello Mattias

The hotspot wifi comes with turn off after 5 min factory settings.I selected never and saved the settings like that , and still can't connect. 

The AP band it's ok at 2.4. I tried even the automatic AP 2.4 to 5 and still nothing.

Thanks you