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Rog Phone 8 is Asus's biggest scam Yet. Do not Buy !

Zen Master I

the speakers on the 8, 1 on front and one on the bottom bezel, different to all other Rog phones. No dedicated amplifiers with the Rog 8, all other Rog phones had dedicated amplifiers. Speakers are a huge downgrade with Rog 8, no more rich or bassy sound. That ended with the Rog 7.


How is the ridiculous €1300 or €1600 justified? It's not. You aren't getting any flagship features at all. Still a FHD screen, speakers are massively downgraded, only 2 years worth of software updates, obsolete hardware (we all know what happened to Rog 2 phones suddenly dieing, Rog 3 had the black crush screen issues, Rog 5 had the dead WiFi and hotspot issue which ruined the motherboard , Rog 6 had a front camera hardware fault which caused the Rog 6 to die. Rog 7 has been ruined with software updates. Oh and the previous Rog phones were also ruined with software updates. Cameras are improved but average, nothing flagship about them.  Battery is downgraded to 5500mah (oh yeah, there's a Chinese youtube channel that compared Rog 8 battery life to Rog 7, Rog 7 battery life is significantly better. Rog 8 has worse battery than all previous Rog phones).




Just buy a red magic for half the price Or, go for the Samsung s24 ultra, you'll get a WQHD+ screen, better warranty, more reliable hardware, longer software updates, better resale value, better design, much much better cameras all for a lower price than the ridiculous Rog phone 8. 




There's nothing about the Rog phone 8 that can justify it's price tag. Asus have ruined the Rog series. Ask yourself this, are you getting better features with a s24 ultra, Vivo x100 pro, oppo find x7 ultra, the latest Sony phone or a Rog phone 8? Factor in the price too. 


Can anyone here justify the price tag of the Rog 8, considering all I've written above ? 


Star III

I was literally scratching my head when I heard that Asus throw the bezel away for the front-facing speaker in favour of the punch-hole selfie camera. Just when I was getting excited that ROG 8 has IP68 rating on it.


...and to add insult to the injury, the airtriggers have been downgraded according to GSMArena review, no more led notification plus downgraded variants in Asian model vs international model.



What the actual frick?

Exactly my point ! So the price tag simply isn't justified. Rog 8 is a Flop. Major Flop by Asus..

S24u is announced tomorrow and with Samsung promotions you can pick it up for just under £1000. 

Star II

ok guys, I’ll also tell you what I think about all this. rog was good until version 6, then everything went wrong MHL was removed at 6 (broadcast) through the cooler in 7 they again added 3.5 back but not MHL Asus initially positioned the phone as a gaming phone for streaming games, but eventually removed these functions Why have the Asus proffesional dock and other accessories disappeared from sale? Why is my Kunai Gamepad case of such poor quality that it broke and cracked after a month? Why are there no FPS drops on other PUBG phones? even on processors that are 2-3 years old


my 2 rog died a month after purchase (16/1024) my 3 rog is the only one that survived and lived to see the update my 5 rog, sim card died my 6 rog, the camera died, and then the board 7 is still alive now, but as a fan of this series of phones, it hurts me to see how tired the generation is


ROG phone 2018-2023 R.I.P

Rising Star I

I wouldn't necessarily say the S24 ultra can be a better option. Samsung has been very aggressive when it comes to software locks, if you buy one of their phones from a different country they can simply lock the entire device and all your data alongside it.  Spec wise, the phones are very comparable, and according to leaks the S24 will be 100 more expensive. That could be the screen, but the ROG would still give you faster charging, larger battery, 3.5mm jack, and in my personal opinion a more attractive device. The speakers are still quite ahead of most other phones, including many on similar price ranges. And while cameras are definitely not as good as the Samsung or pixel, they are not a priority for me and they can always be improved by porting or using 3rd party camera apps. The sensor is the same as other phones, its the software that needs tweaking. And the beauty of android is that you can do that yourself if you want to.

Price is high, but for a phone that includes features that other phones have abandoned, while having large amounts of storage it seems to fall in line. Although I do wish the 1TB version was  a bit less expensive.

Screen wise, I don't see the point in comparing FHD to QHD. I have had phones with both resolutions, and in all honesty I couldn't tell the difference, not unless I would put the phones right up to my eyes or in one of those VR headsets. In fact,  it was only during the days where you would turn your phone into a VR headset, where the 1440p resolution could be justified. On a screen as small as a phone, the difference is minuscule, and for my personal use case completely irrelevant. Hell, my computer monitors are QHD and FHD and I can tell you it takes a 27" screen to actually see the difference.

Software updates are a disappointment, since I would expect at least 1 more year of major updates. But this can always be changed or extended by the manufacturer. And 2 years doesn't seem as that bad of a software lifespan. I have had phones that only received 2 major updates but worked flawlessly beyond their update lifespan.  Having updates is fine, but as long as the phone works as intended, its rather inconsequential whether your device has the latest software or not. In reality issues only arise if your device is 4-5 years out of date. I had an Iphone 4 that didn't give me problems until developers decided to update apps and drop support for the iOS version it was running. And I have an old phone stored, running Android 10 that can still run all the same apps and programs as my current Android 14 phone, with most apps asking you to have at least android 9. So if the phone gets android 16 as the last update, you wouldn't see issues until Android 20-21 are released.

And I do wish they would give us back the potential to unlock the phone, so that developers could create custom ROMS that fix software issues and extend the life of the phone.

Now, to address the "historical issues" with hardware, you have to remember that the online verdict is always biased towards the negative. Most people who are vocal on devices online are vocal because they have a negative experience, while the ones who never find issues are not about to write comments or posts about how their device works exactly as intended, because why would they? Since people rarely go out their to signal the positive, all you will see is the negatives. This ends up creating a bad online image of certain devices, that many would otherwise consider great. It is not until something rather large like the Note 7 exploding or Samsung batteries inflating that you actually have a reason to avoid any particular device.

I have personally spoken with people who still use their ROG phone 5, 6 and 7 as daily drivers. Never encountered issues with them and have always applied updates whenever they are pushed, and I met someone who has the 6 pro in person, and they never had any issues with the phone itself. But then again, why would they go online and rave about a phone working as intended? the majority who go online are those pushed by issues. Even my current daily phone, a Oneplus 8T is infamous for having hardware problems and developing a permanent green line on the display after some time. I've seen countless images, videos and posts about it. Yet, I know 2 others with the same phone, and no issues to speak about. And personally, I have abused and almost bricked the device myself, all without encountering the issues others deemed inevitable. So I know better than to let myself be dragged by an online consensus on bad hardware. When in reality it is just a small portion of phones that ever show these issues.

I am planning to buy the ROG phone 8 pro, I want a phone with flat screen, <||> gestures on dark screen to control music, a headphone jack, USB 3.2 transfer speed, stock like software, fast wired charging, a screen 6.5" or larger, 1TB of storage, a powerful CPU, IP 68 rating, the capability of limiting maximum battery charge and small bezels. Tell me if not the ROG 8, what other phone has all of this?