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Don't expect much better update from ASUS.

Rising Star II

If you people are looking to sort out the biggest issue of Airtrigger and cooler buttons from the update. 

Don't expect too much from update and switch to another device.

Cause they really don't care about their customers after launching the the device whether it is about device availability or device accessories availability or about device problem or about device software problems.

You will not get single accessories (if broken) after the 3 month of launch from official store or their reseller. This is what ASUS is.

What they gonna do in in next Update is like

1 - Fix the issue of clock widget not changing after changing themes.

2- Fix  the issue of font size not changing.....

3- Improved system stability ( We don't know what was in that in current update)

And bla bla bla...............


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I already made mind for switching my device i am going for an iPad if you really love gaming i highly recommend you to throw back this device cause i don't think this issues will fixed in future and by the end of year they will launch new phone with lot of other problems.


Rising Star I

I am thinking of writing the negatives on the 1 star rating page as well

Rising Star II

Go ahead ... I will do too.