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Rog Phone 8 is Asus's biggest scam Yet. Do not Buy !

Zen Master I

the speakers on the 8, 1 on front and one on the bottom bezel, different to all other Rog phones. No dedicated amplifiers with the Rog 8, all other Rog phones had dedicated amplifiers. Speakers are a huge downgrade with Rog 8, no more rich or bassy sound. That ended with the Rog 7.


How is the ridiculous €1300 or €1600 justified? It's not. You aren't getting any flagship features at all. Still a FHD screen, speakers are massively downgraded, only 2 years worth of software updates, obsolete hardware (we all know what happened to Rog 2 phones suddenly dieing, Rog 3 had the black crush screen issues, Rog 5 had the dead WiFi and hotspot issue which ruined the motherboard , Rog 6 had a front camera hardware fault which caused the Rog 6 to die. Rog 7 has been ruined with software updates. Oh and the previous Rog phones were also ruined with software updates. Cameras are improved but average, nothing flagship about them.  Battery is downgraded to 5500mah (oh yeah, there's a Chinese youtube channel that compared Rog 8 battery life to Rog 7, Rog 7 battery life is significantly better. Rog 8 has worse battery than all previous Rog phones).




Just buy a red magic for half the price Or, go for the Samsung s24 ultra, you'll get a WQHD+ screen, better warranty, more reliable hardware, longer software updates, better resale value, better design, much much better cameras all for a lower price than the ridiculous Rog phone 8. 




There's nothing about the Rog phone 8 that can justify it's price tag. Asus have ruined the Rog series. Ask yourself this, are you getting better features with a s24 ultra, Vivo x100 pro, oppo find x7 ultra, the latest Sony phone or a Rog phone 8? Factor in the price too. 


Can anyone here justify the price tag of the Rog 8, considering all I've written above ? 


If you feel that an extra 500mah & a 3.5mm jack are worth the price tag then please private message me as I have a Bridge :bridge_at_night: I would like to sell to you.

And no, the s24 is cheaper. Infact you even get a trade in discount. A further 5% discount if you download the Samsung app & you get the galaxy watch free which is around £290. Sell the watch and minus it from what you paid for the s24, you'll end up paying under £1000 for the 512gb version. S24u is cheaper. Not to mention even further reduction if you decide to send in your old device.


What other features that other devices don't have that justify the price? The 3.5mm jack? The extra 500mah battery? There's nothing else about the Rog 8 that other devices don't have. There's no way the price can be justified. (Let me remind you I have a bridge to sell).

The software has gotten worse. Notoriously worse with Asus. They've even pulled older firmwares from their website so people can't downgrade and are forced to stay with buggy updates that overheat their phones. This was a purely pathetic move by Asus. Leaving people stuck with buggy software. 

I don't know how long you've been on this Zentalk but I've been on it since I had my Rog 2. And the amount of complaints about the hardware is astonishing. Many threads were sneakily removed by Asus. Rog 3 black crush screen issue. I personally experienced this along with many others. Rog 5 dead WiFi and hotspot. I didn't experience this myself however, many others did and the amount of threads I saw were ridiculous. Rog 6 had a dodgy front camera component that would kill the phone completely. That's 3 Rog phones in a row that has hardware issues. Rog 2 for me was fine, as was the Rog 7, apart from the software updates that did more bad than good. a

headphone jack; I use beats pro so not fussed. If I wanted wired I could get a usb 3.5mm jack.

SB 3.2 transfer speed, nothing new.

stock like software; this is a positive

fast wired charging; most phones have this 

screen 6.5" or larger most phones have this

1TB of storage; I don't use anywhere near that much but phones are getting to this. So far the Samsungs and iPhones and Huawei, maybe more.

a powerful CPU; the 8gen 3 is in many phones.

IP 68 rating; nothing new, but I don't swim with my phone

the capability of limiting maximum battery charge; nothing new, many phones do this.

Small bezels; again, many phones have this.


If those things are worth Over £1000 for you, then I have 2 bridges to sell you. 

Oh yeah, the Rog phone 8 is £550 from China, doesn't that tell you some thing? You're going to pay almost more than double the price buying it in UK/EU. The Chinese already know it's something that won't hold value. £550 is an insane difference to the EU/UK price. Oh yeah, no company accepts an ASUS phones as a trade ins, isn't that something to consider? They accept Huaweis which don't even have GMS, but won't accept Asus phones. 

I don't need to say anymore but enjoy your Rog 8, you're going to spend alot of money on it 

You know what, you might be right.

For the samsung, the 1TB is 1659$, right now its cheaper since they are giving the launch discount. I have no trade in, since I am going to give my phone to my dad, as his was stolen.

The headphone jack and software do make it better for me. And practically any phone that has 1TB storage is gonna cost 1000$+ by that point, I am not worrying about spending a bit more on one or another.

I guess I'm just going to hope I get a good one. Feature-wise, my problem is that all those features I want are common in phones, the problem is that no phone aside from the ROG has them all together.

And I am not buying any chinese version of a phone, I committed that mistake once and I am not about to make my life worse to save money on a phone.

My luck resides in the fact that since the US is normally the last region to get the phone, I will have the reviews of EU and Asian ROG phone 8 users to see if there are any glaring issues that might prevent me from buying the phone.

Thanks for the honest feedback, good luck selling those bridges.

To be fair if you're going to just game and use media apps like YouTube etc then even I'd consider buying the Chinese one. The Chinese one can give issues as a daily driver however, for multimedia like gaming etc it's a solid phone. My only issues are the price Asus are charging for it & the corners they've cut. I can't see that price being justified , that's why I'd pay the £500gbp for the Chinese one & only use it for gaming/multimedia, not as a daily driver. Btw I have a Rog phone 7 and I thoroughly enjoy using it (I'm using an older firmware). It's my daily driver and apart from the software updates, it's been near perfect for me. I can't see myself getting the Rog 8 because I feel it's a step back in specific areas. 

Also don't take any offence to the bridge joke I made, was just a joke to indirectly tell you that the hefty price on the Rog 8 is just not worth it in my opinion. But if it's what you want then it's what you want. I can definitely see myself using my Rog 7 until next year, although I'm considering an oppo find x7 ultra for camera and as a secondary phone. The s24u is a great phone but isn't much of a upgrade from the s23u sadly.

Btw you can see the review of the Rog phone 8 & 8 Pro, go to Gsmarena website. They are very good , I'm sure you've heard of them.

I've checked every available review, from GSM to any that pops out on youtube. They've given me a good idea that the phone is solid, pricy but for me kinda worth it since its the only one that has everything I personally want.

The only info I'm waiting on is the day to day issues when using it as a daily driver, since reviewers never use the phones for extended periods of time beside the time they review it. Cost wise, I am getting the money as a bonus, so its not gonna hurt me financially. And I want the US version. From what I've seen, those are normally the ones that show the least amount of issues.

Have you considered Sony Xperia 1 V or 5 V? Downside is Sony no longer including charger and usb cables starting from 1 IV lineup