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Rog Phone 8 is Asus's biggest scam Yet. Do not Buy !

Zen Master I

the speakers on the 8, 1 on front and one on the bottom bezel, different to all other Rog phones. No dedicated amplifiers with the Rog 8, all other Rog phones had dedicated amplifiers. Speakers are a huge downgrade with Rog 8, no more rich or bassy sound. That ended with the Rog 7.


How is the ridiculous €1300 or €1600 justified? It's not. You aren't getting any flagship features at all. Still a FHD screen, speakers are massively downgraded, only 2 years worth of software updates, obsolete hardware (we all know what happened to Rog 2 phones suddenly dieing, Rog 3 had the black crush screen issues, Rog 5 had the dead WiFi and hotspot issue which ruined the motherboard , Rog 6 had a front camera hardware fault which caused the Rog 6 to die. Rog 7 has been ruined with software updates. Oh and the previous Rog phones were also ruined with software updates. Cameras are improved but average, nothing flagship about them.  Battery is downgraded to 5500mah (oh yeah, there's a Chinese youtube channel that compared Rog 8 battery life to Rog 7, Rog 7 battery life is significantly better. Rog 8 has worse battery than all previous Rog phones).




Just buy a red magic for half the price Or, go for the Samsung s24 ultra, you'll get a WQHD+ screen, better warranty, more reliable hardware, longer software updates, better resale value, better design, much much better cameras all for a lower price than the ridiculous Rog phone 8. 




There's nothing about the Rog phone 8 that can justify it's price tag. Asus have ruined the Rog series. Ask yourself this, are you getting better features with a s24 ultra, Vivo x100 pro, oppo find x7 ultra, the latest Sony phone or a Rog phone 8? Factor in the price too. 


Can anyone here justify the price tag of the Rog 8, considering all I've written above ? 


Yep, I saw that they had stock software, flat screen and a headphone jack.

It was alongside my options, but first of all, its around the same price sold by Sony at like 1500$ but has 512gb. It is cheaper on amazon, but regardless the squared screen and 21:9 aspect ratio are not my favorites.


Star III

I put up with their terrible software only because it was the only phone on the market with no punch hole + dual front firing speakers. What a shame. 

Star II

Strongly agree, ROG PHONE 8 such a scam, thats more like zenfone with "gaming mode" nothing special on that's phone, just like other phone on market like xiaomi and other. I more like previous version design and features rog phone!! Really disappointed to asus!!

Star I

already got my ROG 8 Pro Edition.
as a gaming phone, the air triggers and amplifiers is definitely a minus. But getting a 24g ram and 1tb, along with fast charging and fast cooling (better than the ROG 7 Ultimate). I think that justifies the price.

If you are looking for a good quality of picture and crisp scenery views. buy Iphone or Samsung. you want better bass, buy a good speaker or headset. The phone is built for gaming experience and i think it did a good job.