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❌ Beware. Warning by droidwin to users suffering high overheating ❌

Rising Star II

Droidwin warns user due to high overheating :

If there was still any iota of doubt that it was just a one-off incident, then we could now quash all those suspicions to rest as we are now receiving a plethora of logs from various affected users. As is evident from those logs, the temperature easily reaches 47 degrees Celsius even when the device is discharging.This could prove to be quite a scary situation if it isn’t addressed at the earliest. In the meantime, we advise the users not to use their device for a prolonged time period as things might take a turn for the worse, so a cool down period for your device is a must, at least for the next few weeks until [or rather if] the issue is addressed.







2 hours idle from home 

Android version



 sometime even your mobile operator can cause spike in temperature when your phone dont have good connection and search network that can make the phone very hot 

Also boot your phone i SAFE MODE  and check the temperature again if you dont have a problem in safe mode than investigate where can be the problem like in some applications settings things like this so the problem can be in so  much things

Okay, so you say that if my triggers don't work and my phone overheats even after a hard reset on a clean phone, should I actually be satisfied and sip coffee?

Do you read what i write ? Read it again ... If your triggers dont work send it to warranty if your phone overheat send it to warranty you cant get your money back but in my country if i send any product 3 times to warranty i can get the full price back from the store that i buy it also if i send it to warranty and wait more than 30 days to be repaired i can get my money back ! This happened whit my rog phone 5 i send it to warranty when the phone come back it wasn't repair i send it again and they hold the phone more than 30 days and i was able to restore the full price of the phone even after 8 months of usage ! In you country have law's so go and advice somewhere and learn how your country protect ! Dont complain here some people have overheating problem some not 

When you have a problem do what must be done i apply a photo what is the temperature of my device now and if i have a problem i will send it to warranty if the problem continue i will send it again and if the problem stay again or other problem appear i can get my money back becouse in my country this law work and i can do it ! But for now i dont have a problem never send the phone to warranty and everything work fine even whit some hard gaming  


Stop talking sh*t some people can't buy it officially and they bought it Chinese with ww ROM, so they can't send it or probably that phone it's their daily use phone and the need it, they don't have time to send it back, there's something called "empathy" you're just talking sht from your position, so stop blaming all people which the only thing they're asking for it's an update that fixes the last update they have sent to their phones, if you're not going to help sh*** your f*** mouth, please and thank you. 

Then if you cant buy it from official or some store than you dont buy it ! I also wanted a Red Magic phone but i dont have any warranty support in my country or a some non official store support so i didn't buy it and in the end this is electronic and can have some defects!!! Every brand have defects and bugs just check Samsung S series how many problems have whit overheating and battery drain for this reason you buy a phone whit WARRANTY. Other problem is when a lot of people have 0 knowing about the phone and the system how it work so in this case pho problem can be in the user i have seen so many people that make the device to not work good and is they're fault in this case maybe is different but you cant excuse most people stupidity