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Overheating is way worse on Android 14 build 71

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Many users (me included) are suffering from high overheating issue after updating to android 14 and it got way more worse on build.71 !

@Falcon_ASUS @Mattias_ASUS @Titan_ASUS 

This is ridiculous, why no moderators respond to any of our comments and posts ??!!! We are all looking for an answer here Asus, we deserve it.

When my phone is being idle, it's temperature is around 36 C and when it's being used normally like using Whatsapp , telegram , calling and watching YouTube over WiFi is 42 C.

Another user @iswaraKITT , his phone temperature when being idle is 41 C, ( look at the attached pictures below). It's not NORMAL.

@JimiK suffered from overheating , fps drop as well. He had to go through lots of hectic and tiring process to send his phone back to a phone service center , NOT Asus service center ( because they don't take responsibility over their buggy and faulty OS 14 ) and still God knows what's gonna happen to his phone.

@Zekatsuma has been suffering from overheating too.

@ric3 repeatedly informed Asus on this forum about refresh rate and overheating issues.

@Ahmadrivai84  is another impacted user that has been suffering from these issues since he updated to build no.70 and he now switched to Samsung S24 Ultra.

@celeverruby another user who is havinoverheating issue as well.

@rizaldyachmad1 this guy on the other, is stuck on build.65 on his willings because he doesn't wanna get himself into troubles like the way we did by updating our ROG 7 and turned them into a frying hot pan :fire: which is all caused by ASUS.

@Saurav_7  this guy went to Asus service center for a downgrade because of all these issues and Asus service center turned him down and warned him about bricking due to downgrade which is nonesense and it's his responsibility and he should do it on his own risk.

Look at these threads ASUS , there are many people suffering by Android 14 and you are causing us more and more by each update you are rolling. It's all on you and your faults.

We are all looking for an answer here Asus.

I'm gonna keep emailing all Asus representatives all around the world :globe_showing_americas:  about these issues and no matter what.

I'm gonna post videos of my FRYING HOT PAN :cooking: ROG 7  on YouTube if I have to , just to get heard. I need my ROG 7 fixed asap. 



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Posting it here to help them see the hot temps 


Hi, this is being investigated by the dev team and will update you as soon as I get more info.

Dude, please do sth I have a feeling we're gonna lose our phone at some point. It's gonna break down CPU and the battery if the high overheating issue continues.

Summers are here in India. I think my phone will definitely explode inside my pocket in the few coming days. Temps were reaching 46°C+ in Winters. Now that the summers are here and temperature are already reaching 37°C+ in the capital and it will be more than 43°C in less than a month.

Please help me get it downgraded from the service centre or I might even die because of that.

If not that then I am sure the battery will swell and the phone will go out of warranty in the coming month and then you guys will charge a ton for what we even didn't did.

 @Mattias_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS