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❌ Beware. Warning by droidwin to users suffering high overheating ❌

Rising Star II

Droidwin warns user due to high overheating :

If there was still any iota of doubt that it was just a one-off incident, then we could now quash all those suspicions to rest as we are now receiving a plethora of logs from various affected users. As is evident from those logs, the temperature easily reaches 47 degrees Celsius even when the device is discharging.This could prove to be quite a scary situation if it isn’t addressed at the earliest. In the meantime, we advise the users not to use their device for a prolonged time period as things might take a turn for the worse, so a cool down period for your device is a must, at least for the next few weeks until [or rather if] the issue is addressed.







You don't know what your are talking about ! If you had ur phone running on android 13 then you would have understood what we're saying ! Running games on X mode and playing non-stop p for 3 straight hours and never had an overheating issue. As matter of fact , temperature never rose more than 36 without a cooler . 

ROG 7 user ! 

I played so much on the phone that you can't even  imagine and when you have a problem whit Xmode make a custom profile ? I never used a Xmode on any of my rog phone everytime i just make a Custom Profile i abjust the GPU speed CPU speed what cores to use the games and things like this everything can be customized .... I also switch from Android 13 to android 14 and in reality is the same Sh*t nothing changed the phone is the same almost everything is the same never haved a problem 

And just to know its normal your phone to get 42 degrees ins some games even 45 degrees in genshin is normal i writed so much before but the most people think they are very smart and know everything i watched so many reviews on other phones benchmark tests on almost every other devices stress tests thermal test battery test everything and do you know what ? Every other phone get even higher temperature than Rog Phone 6-7-8 go and see Iphone , Samsung,Xioami other gaming phones but just search for real tests not some idi*t that test the phone to see how they get 50 DEGREES .... This phone can operate normal whitout a problem and will not get any DAMAGE even if you play constant to 45 Degrees on the system becouse the temperature that you see is system temperature the CPU can go to 80+ Degrees but this is the operations temperatures of the device and the phone other phone also overheating even more but they hide this information and you can see how your CPU go to 80+ degrees and your system i higher than 45 instead rog phone have more open software for adjustments just make some changes read some thing and learn how to make and abjust a Custom Profile 

The only phone that work good and dont overheat so much is the Nubia phone Red magic becouse it have a build in fan also your phone must be hot from outside even becouse the temperature must be taken out from the processor you even have a something like a thermal pad under the display that help the temperature go out from the CPU to the display so just check how is build in this phone

For example this is my custom profile for COD CPU doesn't need to go at max frequency also the GPU is limited i the game can hold a constant 120FPS whitout a drops and overheating






The most of the people dont know how to use and abjust they're phone everyone wont perfect phone out of the BOX but this is imposible not only for the phone but for the laptop and other things everything come whit basic settings and need abjust and correct 

After the update to android 14 they also update the Xmode and there can have some changes that can affect the temperature for this reason you get higher temperature not becouse ANDROID 14 becouse the frequency scaling that use Xmode

Dude, it's just a simple comparison btw A14 & A13. When the phone is being idle , not connected to WIFI nor plugged in, it's temp is 32 to 33 C. It ain't Normal.

You can feel the heat on the screen with ur bare hands.

FYI, nothing is running on the background when the phone is being idle.

Back on A13, temp was 20 to 22 C. 

Nevertheless, I'm gonna downgrade my phone back to A13 one way or another. 

To you , it may sound normal ! Funny thing is Asus Germany also accepted these issues and they're aware of it and they have forwarded these issues to Asus Taiwan HQ . Still normal to you ?

( Take a look at the picture below that I attached) 😂😉

So now define what you have explained ! 🤔 


I agree that some things can be issues but not everything 99% of the post's here doesn't have any sense and the people have 0 knowing about how the things stay ... I use android 14 and i dont have a probl whit the heat on idle so the problem can depend from installed apps from Android application that run in background so good luck whit your downgrade and your heated phone i dont have a problem whit android 14 and everything work fine i am outside now drink my coffee and have cool optimized phone


 so problems can appear form so much things and even if this is a problem and the phone get 35 degrees on idle his working temperature in games will be higher again and if think when the fix the problem you can play Genshin pack at 42C in 1 hour gaming good luck whit you imagination again

Idle temps is one thing the temps in gaming is another go check all other phones what temperature get in games 


Enjoy ur coffee my friend .